NEED AN ACCESS CARD OR YOUR’S IS NOT WORKING?  Email the numbers on your card. If you need a new one, please fill out the general information form found in the documents along with headshots of every member in the household.  New owners that have never received a card will be provided one card at no charge; the $50 fee will apply for a second card or replacement cards. (Limit of 2 per household). Payment for cards must be remitted online via the resident portal at – CASH CANNOT BE ACCEPTED *Confirmation of payment should be provided to management

FASTEST WAY TO GET AN ARC MODIFICATION APPLICATION APPROVED –  Then go to, click submit request ,select Architectural Request, & follow the instructions. COMPLETE the Form & upload any supporting documents to the project the first time to SAVE TIME! Architectural Guidelines can by located under documents. ARC has up to 30 days business days to approve a completed application so please be patient.  Our ARC Members are Volunteers from the Community, have careers, families, and numerous responsibilities - just like all of us.  Please be kind and patience with the process outlined in our Governing Documents.  It is in everyone’s best interest and thank you in advance.

After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email that your application has been submitted.

*Please also note that requests submitted without all required forms, supporting documents, 
drawings, pictures, etc. will be considered incomplete until received.

RESERVE THE CLUBHOUSE - Logon to the website and go to Amenities > Clubhouse Pavilion Reservation > Review RULES AND REGULATIONS > Choose the date and submit.  $350 fee and $200 deposit for 3 hour rental and $550 and $200 deposit for a 10:00am to 10:00pm rental. Online payment, Cashier’s, or Money Order checks only!

REPORT A STREET LIGHT OUT - BROOKHAVEN ONLY - contact GA Power Georgia Power Street Light Outage. ALL OTHER COMMUNITIES- Grey Stone with closest address and if the light is out of cycling on/off. 

HOW TO OBTAIN TRASH & RECYCLING BIN?  Please call AMWaste: 706-298-7274 

 REQUEST BULK PICKUP: CALL 706-298-7274 OR Bulk Pickup for here - Garbage cans and recycle bins must be concealed from view from the street and neighbors at all times. In preparation for pickup, Trash and recycling bins may be placed on the curb the evenings before AFTER 6PM and receptacles are to be returned to their storage locations on the next evening.

PAYING DUES – and go to PAY ASSESSMENTS where you have options or mail into the Lock Box, PO Box 65851 Phoenix, AZ 85082-5851 - Please make the check out to Durham Lakes POA and include your account number.  Do not drop off a check at the management office.

HOW TO REACH THE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION MANAGER – Office hours are Monday – Tuesday   10:00AM to 3:00 PM Only.  The Board strongly recommends residents schedule an appointment if you need to speak with the manager in person. Please leave a message if you are calling to reach management or No one will know you called. Be sure to include Name, Community Name, Address, phone, and the nature of your call. Calls are returned by the end of each business day. For the quickest response email Office Line (404) 835 – 9275.

MAILBOX REPAIR AND NUMBERS – For mailbox repair, paint, parts, and numbers, please contact Global Home Construction Boris Vaynshteyn (770) 451-3777